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Engaging Elementary Science.  Learning that Lasts.

Looking-Glass Science Modules are set apart from other science modules due to their academically simulated component. Crafted by children’s writers, the simulated piece of the module grabs the student’s interest. All students, regardless of their curiosity in science, are drawn into the modules when they are presented with opportunities to contribute their solutions to real-world problems. Similar to Mock and Model United Nations programs, or NASA Astronaut Camps, Looking-Glass Science Modules provide students with the rare opportunity to experience the practical use of science theories, techniques, and practices in the solution of real life problems. The modules allow students to learn and practice their skills, which in turn provide them with confidence for future professional endeavors.
Elementary Science Modules that spark imagination
“My daughter never liked science. After experiencing Emergency Mission 5002, science is all she talks about! She wanted nothing but science kits for Christmas!”
              3rd Grade father

“The science and technology special where my students are able to do the Looking-Glass Science Labs is their favorite part of the day. It’s amazing to hear them discussing hypothesis about artifacts hours after the class ends.”
            4th grade teacher at Coyote Hills Elementary
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