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About Looking-Glass Science

Looking-Glass Science is a fast growing company that believes that every student has the potential to contribute positively towards their community, both now and in the future, they just need the tools to do know how to do it. Using academically simulated modules of real-life problems of today and tomorrow, the students grow confidence in themselves, in their team, and in their ability to work through problems. They learn facts about science, nature, history, and exploration to launch them from Elementary School into successful endeavors in Middle School and through their professional life.

Founded by children’s writer, non-fiction author, and Archaeologist, Jennifer Smith-Daigle, Looking-Glass Science creates modules that blend the disciplines of Science, Social Studies, English, Art, Math, Technology, and Public Speaking. Our writers and scientists work closely with school districts and students in the development of our modules. The result: an education module that fulfills State and National requirements while captivating students and growing their love of science, nature, and learning.
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